South Florida Tropical Landscape Design

Choosing the best landscape design for your South Florida home can be tricky at times. This is due to the many design elements and varieties that are associated with each design, no wonder someone would get confused. There’s more to a good landscape than just beauty, it should perfectly fit your needs as an individual or family. One of the best designs you can settle for in South Florida is the Tropical design. It doesn’t matter whether you want that intricate landscape design, manicured front lawn or stone-paved pathways, every element in tropical design is carefully considered the same way as the interior of your home.

Tropical landscape designs that are well executed can transform your home’s entire aesthetics. Additionally, the flowers and shrubbery can also add texture, color and most of all fragrance to your garden centre.

Things to keep in mind

Before you even start working on your landscape design, first survey your compound and take notes while you are at it. You have to first identify the type of climate you live in before you even choose to settle for a certain landscape design. Secondly, the amount of space you have will also determine which design you should settle for. Third, the amount you are willing to spend is also an influencing factor. In case you are that type of person who loves spending time with plants, a plant nursery is the best way to utilize part of your landscape. While you are at it, you should also consider what your family likes and uses the most. For instance kids will enjoy a play ground /grass area or swimming pool. Lastly, when it comes to choosing landscapes take into consideration the types of front yard and backyard ideas you want since landscapes vary with nature.

What plants should you add to your tropical landscape design?

When going through landscape designs photos, the most important aspect you should have in mind is the curb appeal. Tropical landscape designs will definitely create an awesome first impression. A plant nursery or garden centre with flowers is a good design to settle for, but, in case you don’t have time for them, you can simply plant low maintenance succulents or bushes. This doesn’t mean that only green can make your landscape attracting, you can also add statues, water features or gravel pathways with flowers on the sides. Some of the tropical designs include;

  • Lotus Ridge
  • Robins Garden
  • Backyard dream
  • A modern Patio Tropical Garden


Whichever tropical landscape design you choose to go with for your South Florida home, just ensure its suits your personal and family’s needs.