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A green environment is one of the best places to live and enjoy life. We give you the great opportunity of making a green space of your own wherein you can choose the plant you want to install. Since 1982, El Chino Plant Nursery has been making a mark in Miami, Florida. El Chino is fully dedicated plant giving you the best service for you to have a homestead plant nursery.

neursery offering a wide variety of plant species that grows from our ten-acre property that is found at Krome Avenue. our plant nursery offers  evergreens, fruit trees, exotic species, hardwood and much more. We give you the big opportunity to have a Homestead plant nursery wherein you can tend and grow your choice of plant. We assure you to have greener surroundings that you would surely love.

El Chino Plant Nursery has a long line of skilled and qualified staff who would guide you in making the best plant selection suited for your garden.  Our staff would do the best they can to ensure not only of the best selection of plants but also of a guarantee that you would be satisfied with the result.

We do the work for your Homestead plant nursery.  From the delivery of the plant to its installation, we make sure things fall on the right way. We exert full effort to ensure you that your micro garden would have the best vegetation it could get.  Hence, if you are need of a company that could help you in the effective growing of plants, El Chino Plant Nursery is the right company to rely on.

We assure you that you have great satisfaction in the green environment you are going to make. We are here to help you in the best way we could. It is all here at El Chino Plant Nursery where you can expect the best service.

Welcome to a green environment before you! With the right selection and installation of plants, you could expect a great way to enjoy life in the best possible way. Here at El Chino Plant Nursery, we give you the best opportunity of having a green space in your yard. We are highly dedicated to giving you a wide selection of plants you can choose for your garden.

Established in 1982, El Chino Plant Nursery has made a great difference in those who want to have a plant nursery Miami at home.  We are a family owned business who offers you different kinds of plants such as fruit trees, evergreens and much more. We take you to the next level, as each plant would be a perfect match for your garden. Hence, you have a 100% guarantee of excellent service at all times.

If you want to build a Homestead plant nursery, El Chino Plant Nursery takes care of the plant selection to the installation process. The professionals   team who would effectively guide you in terms of choosing the right plant. We give you the best service and support you need in terms of building your garden. We give you the satisfaction you need by giving you the plant and the satisfaction you desire.

El Chino Plant Nursery has all the essential information that you desire when it comes to choosing the right kind of plant to the correct process of installing it. We give you sure of making your garden beautiful and attractive with the exotic plant species that we have.  If you wish to have a perfect Homestead plant nursery, you could rely on us to do the right job.

El Chino Plant Nursery gives full effort to ensure you have the best satisfaction you need. We are here to help you achieve the success with your green environment.


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